Thursday, May 4, 2017

HOW TO: Re-use your coffee capsules.

Ever since my family bought a Dolce Gusto coffee machine I've been struggling with the waste of all that plastic from the capsules, we bought a 48 capsules box this weekend and every time we think of drinking coffee together we use at least 6 capsules, that's a lot of trash. 
My mom said maybe we could use them for seed starters and I thought that was a great idea, I used them to put some of my plants sons (particularly one has filled its pot with its children) and did a simple macramé plant hanger so I could just hang them around my house and room.

Materials: Scissors, pointed knife, dirt, water, seeds or a baby plant and yarn.

First step is to open and clean the capsules, your machine would have already made a little incision, just insert there carefully a pointed knife so you make the opening a bit bigger so you can insert your scissors, now you can remove the whole top of the capsule. I recommend doing this in the sink since the capsule usually keeps inside it some water. The capsules may seem a bit tough but once you destroy one you get a hang of it and if you have all the materials in home you can do this project in less than an hour.

Some capsules may have residues of powder milk or coffee, the espresso ones have pressed coffee inside another plastic so just repeat step one to get rid of that plastic too. Next step is to clean the capsules with some soap and water.

I placed the capsules in the sun to get dried, while they were drying I did the macramé plant hanger, I followed the steps from Zanni's blog for her "Simple macramé plant hangers" and you can find it here, this tutorial was pretty simple and the plant hanger came out really cute. Once the capsules were dry I planted a little son from one of my plants in some dirt I placed inside the capsule, put a bit of water in it and placed it inside the plant hanger and voila. 

Note: Remember the capsules can drain water so be careful where you place this little pots. 

Lots of love!

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