Thursday, April 27, 2017

Love in the palm of your hand.

It was three years ago and ever since I've been on and off the app whenever I'm bored, that was my reason to download it, of course I want a happily ever after but I really just use the app when I'm bored, as I used to go into any chatroom since I first had an internet connection when I was eleven. I like talking to strangers on the Internet.

The thing about online dating though is that ninety-nine percent of the people that practice it are there looking to sext or casual sex, I'm ok with it and have no problem with the idea but I am part of the one percent that hopes to match with someone, meet them and end up writing a cosmo article about how we found love in a dating app. Not gonna say I opened the app as a "social experiment" because that's bullshit, "social experiments" are a poor excuse for something someone really wanted to do; but that is another topic.

One thing I do hate is the people that don't play by the rules, some write it in their profiles, some don't, that argument that goes something like "I just like everyone and once we match I decide if I talk to them or let them go" I particularly hate this because I believe the like button or the ability to just message someone you like is there for a reason, to make "dating" a little bit more simple, not saying that it makes things easier but you're supposed to at least be talking to someone that looked at you and thought "why not?" you need to know that the person you just said hi to likes you, in whatever way they do but you should be talking to someone that wants to talk you back, you'll have time then to decide if the conversation will last forever or least than an hour.

I've encountered people that were rude about it, as if I had to convince them to date me, this one time some guy explained me how he was a journalist doing some research about sex practices and I just ran away from him in a second. My point being, why does people like to take the fun out of things? online dating sites tend to be very simple but people just like to complicate things.

The lesson here is, some of us are having fun, we like talking, joking and meeting people. I am aware some of you just want to have sex but I can't go to your house after you say "Hi, I live alone" or "Hi, do you want to meet in a motel" that'll be very dangerous. If you don't like talking, and actually knowing people you're trying to get in bed then online dating is definitely not for you and I would highly recommend you to delete your account so we don't have to purge our matches every now and then, you'll save us time and we'll be forever thankful.

Lots of love!
- Florencia

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