Tuesday, February 21, 2017

You and all that glitters.

I was pondering to talk about the importance of being viral on the Internet but first I'm gonna try and talk about authenticity, lately I feel like every trend I see comes from Instagram or videos on facebook, gonna take as an example the love for glitter, my room has been filled with glitter since I have a memory, I can still hear my mom saying "you have something in your face, oh! it's just glitter" back when I was a teenager, she stills do from time to time but now I usually use glitter eyeliner almost every day so it isn't weird to find it sitting in my face at the end of the day; my point being (without thinking it's wrong) how to follow a trend that seems to be everywhere without losing your authenticity?

Don't get me wrong but sometimes when you see something you like being viral it starts to feel like that meme of "oh! so you're a fan, can you name a song?" and that meme it's actually mocking what I'm trying to rant about right now, not that I think that everyone that uses glitter is just following a trend and it's not "authentically" a fan of glitter but we're so surrounded by this trends that as any other  it's just easy to follow it and become one of the many that spends it's time and effort to be "in". I know some might perceive that globalization and the liberty to express ourselves in the Internet makes us be who we truly are and some might even say that trends don't even exist now, that everyone in 2017 chooses what they want to be and how to express themselves but that's a lie; as social beings it's practically impossible that what we like came to our minds just by some sort of magic, we're so culturaly designed that our choices are never truly our choices but the choices our society wants us to have even if we don't want to.

Back to where we started, to be bombarded in my social networks with content that I do like is nice but to see the thousands likes and shares makes me feel less authentic and I can be a hater sometimes (I also kind of enjoy it sometimes) but what I've tried to do it's to be grateful that since what I like happens to be in I can easily find things I adore in a variety of shapes and sizes, most importantly a wide range of prices and it's not only glittery stuff but also unicorns and kawaii stuff that I've been collecting more now that I'm twenty-four than when i was a kid.

When we realize there are others who like the same stuff we do and we think they do it with not the same passion as we think we do is important to not hold grudges and never stop us from enjoying something we love, whether it was twenty years ago or today, I believe it's hard to feel authentic or more so to be unique but instead of trying to find a way to differentiate us from the others that surround us we should embrace what can bring us together, even when it's just a devote passion for glitter we can contribute to a whole. We are always going to be weirdos in the eyes of a stranger whether we represent mainstream media or an underground clique.

Lots of love!
- Florencia

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