Monday, March 31, 2014

Turtles and Coconut.

Last December I went to Colima for a week because my grandmother live there and is always amazing to just get away from everything for a while, I did it a week before Christmas and it was amazing (I totally came back to Guadalajara to be crazy with presents and plans after that), my grandma took me and my brother’s girlfriend Gaby to a different place every day.

We went to this little town called Comala where there are some amazing things that have and amazing taste such are their bread, cheese and a thing called Ponche which is a liqueur of different stuff such as strawberry and dulce de leche and others. I got excited and tasted almost all of them and we bought a Cajeta one. Like an hour from Comala there’s a little lake called “Laguna Maria” and we spend the afternoon there eating some chicken salad and putting our foot on the water, I also climbed a tree, well, a tree root, and I’m usually a little bit clumsy for those kind of things but I totally did it and feel a little invincible.

We went to a lots of museums of history, culture and popular art where we saw a lots of different things. At the museum of history, me and Gaby had to sit in the colonial part of the museum because we started to debate about history and got a little bit excited. We talked about how history actually repeats itself and how we might thing that some stuff that was made in the past as inhuman but we keep seeing it in other countries and don’t say anything about it.

Since it was mandatory, we went to the beach, first just to eat a fresh coconut at the shore, then we went to a Turtle Sanctuary and I had there one of the most amazing experiences ever liberating baby turtles, I cried a little thinking about the mortality and I pray that all the ones we liberate were part of the 1% that survives, after that we went to Tecoman to eat and see the sunset.

I really like Colima, I used to go a lot when I was little and it reminded me about a lot of stuff, I plan on going this spring break for one or two weeks and see how many new things I can spot there.

Lots of love!
- Florencia

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