Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer outfits.

I get all excited every time it's summer because it usually comes along new and colorful music videos, amazing movies, summer hits, and mostly because of all the pretty clothes and awesome accessories made to make the best of summer.
With the summer vacations so close to us, the pictures of sunsets and beaches are all over the internet, personally, making me suffer; and one way to believe we are in one of those amazing places (even thought we're in a big city) is self tanning lotions, sexy sunglasses, colorful outfits and ice pops.

Sometimes it seems that it's getting hard to coordinate our whole wardrobe to each season, especially if you're not the kind of girl that buys a huge amount of clothes every season, but instead you try to incorporate little by little some clothes and accessories that you like and think they're pretty.
When it comes to find an inspiration for summery outfits, I see myself in the colors of the ocean when it gets by the sun, which is all day, but every hour, the coloration that the sun gives to the ocean is very different and in all kind of colors that just make me feel really happy, so I try to copy them in my outfits.
So don't hesitate to look around you when you're trying to find some outfit inspiration this summer.

In order to have an awesome summer wardrobe, this summer must haves are: a big enough collection of shorts, capri and baggy pants, crop tops, cut out shirts, and loose fitting tank tops, some fun espadrilles and light color flats. All this with a big amount of earth toned accessories, hats for the sun and some sunglasses.

Lots of love
- Florencia

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