Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide

With mother's day just around the corner and a lot of people that are still struggling with the perfect gift, I thought of doing a gift guide for you, all this articles are available to buy online or at least they will help you to get a much clearer idea of what you can buy for her.

- $10 budget, You can buy a beautiful card like the ones from etsy (some of them are printable) or buy a subscription to a magazine you now she loves (this is a gift that will last the whole year)

- Accessories, it could be a scented candle, an iphone or ipad case, or jewelry.

- A bag, if you are a guy you are probably thinking that your mom seems to have enough of them, but believe me, a woman has never enough handbags, and if you are a girl, you know how happy can a brand new bag do to you.

- Perfume, you guys are probably tired of me saying this, but a perfume is seriously an awesome gift, for everyone; but if you don't know her favorite scent either go classic or don't go at all.

Remember that the worst gift is not gift at all so even if you give her a rose (or a bouquet), a coffee or a cupcake, you will make your mother pretty happy. 
I hope this was useful. Good Luck!

Lots of love
- Florencia

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