Friday, May 31, 2013

Dark summer

While spring was full of romantic pastels colors, summer seems to be full of vibrant colors, but what happens when you are anxious to still use all those dark colors that you have from fall and winter? Well, they're still ON!! 
  • As always, black is one of the colors that is trending, as we saw in some of the runways of the year. It doesn't seem to be an special kind of fabric, except maybe leather and linen, but it's ok to use it with any kind of fabric.
  • Oxblood is not as trendy as it was last fall, so try to avoid it as a shirt or skirt but it's ok to use it as an accessory.
  • Dark colors in floral are one of the best trends in this summer because you know how much I love floral. There are many variants to this with backgrounds in dark blue, black, brown, dark green and others; they all look super cute, and you can make it a little bit grunge (which is also a big trend this year) with some leather boots and studs, messy hair and a pair of big and dark sunglasses.
  • Sheer dark fabrics are a must in your closet this summer
  • If you have any dark outfit/dress that you used to wear a lot in the winter, use it. Just erase from him the sweater, tights and maybe the scarf, depending on how thick it is and the clime in your city.

Lots of love
- Florencia

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