Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jeans to the office

I keep hearing everywhere "I have to drees appropriate in the office but that it's really uncomfortable" and it really got me thinking about it, because I'm not a really business look friendly and suddenly it came to me... How could I make my jeans wearable for the office, keeping it in a appropriate office look and of course without losing the style.
I first I thought of just being bold and a rebel using my favorite pair of jeans with whatever I was thinking of wearing as a top choice but, fashion isn't easy, so I ended up looking like everything but professional. So I ended up thinking in my dressy pants and try to imagine them made of denim.

Of course, as always, there are a few things we got to keep in mind

1. The color: Dark and plain. You will look clean, professional and perfect. When saying dark I don't actually refer to a black denim, think about blue denim in the darkest shade you can find.
2. The cut: Choose a straight or boot-cut cut, even skinny jeans, remember that fashion is all about proportions so if you are going for the skinny choice don't choose them too tight an, keep it paired up with a loose fitting blouse.
3. Don't go for a low waist cut! Get yourself a pir of high waisted jeans, this will be your best friend in the office.

If you want to spice up your outfit a little bit, you can break rule number one and go with some other colors just keep it in the darkest shade. Avoid distressed looks and boyfriend jeans above all.
A silky blouse and a blazer can look perfect with jeans, a jacket for a more rock glam twist and some elegant pumps don't forget to accessorize your look.

Lots of love
- Florencia

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