Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day: Everywhere outfits!!!

V-day is just around the corner!!
I absolutely love this day, cause you know, we don't need a special occasion to tell all our beloved people that we love them, but v-day is a prefect excuse.
I personally love this day, I am used to spend it alone haha but I always try to incorporate into my look some v-day related things like the red/pink color scheme.
Whether you're spending it alone, at work, with friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend I'm going to give you three looks for you to rock them wherever you are going with anyone.
1.- The "Night out" look: I paired a skater dress with an awesome neon blazer, nude shoes and bag, and a few bracelets in black and gold. This look is perfect for a night out with you bf/gf or friends, and it would look awesome for work too. For the make-up try a neutral look on the eyes with some red or pink on the lips it would look amazing with your hair down.

2.- The "Romantic Date" look: This is a red velvet skirt with nude tank top and cardigan, to increase the sweet look I added some cute solid color heels and a little shoulder bag, for the accessories i used a stones layered necklace with the same color scheme as the outfit. This look is for a dinner date and as I said before, to use for your bf/gf or to a dinner with your friends, also can be used to a v-day party. You can use this with a very casual make up and a cute side pony tail or some hair style with braids on it.

3.- The "I want to stay home with you" look: A pair of blue jeans with a white tank top and a loose sweater, paired with neon pink shoes, clutch and accessories. This is the perfect look to stay at home with your bf/gf or to use if you go to the mall or downtown together or to a picnic (in which case, use comfortable shoes). Use this with a messy up-do and natural makeup.

I hope this was useful for you, have fun recreating one of them or a combination of the three with the things you have in your closet and If you do don't forget to tweet me the pictures.

Lots of love.
- Florencia

UPDATE: The skater dress in the 1st look is green and it was intended to be black lol.

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