Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good hair days

Having good hair days is totally awesome, especially when you're are having people coming over or you're planning to go out, I usually have good hair just before getting into the shower or right before I'm going to bed which is kind of frustrating, so I'm excited because today I have a good hair day and It's just 1:00 PM so I have all day in front of me.

Something that truly inspires me is finishing a book, when I'm reading I get all these images in my head and pretty good quotes. I have just finished "The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and it is an absolutely awesome book, I have never been to Barcelona but after this I feel like I would have lived there my whole life, at the beginning I was having my doubts about it, it seemed like it didn't actually have an interesting story but way before I was getting into the middle of it, it catch me and I couldn't top reading it, wondering what happened to Daniel, Julian and Bea. 
Every time i finish a book I am left with a lot things in my head, I grab parts of the life of every character and try to incorporate them to my life to make them better.

I also have started to watch new girl ever since it started, it's an awesome show with a lot of outfits inspiration, the dudes are good looking and they dress really well, and   Jessica and Cece have really different and amazing styles, so if you have a vintage girly look or a modern chic look and you're running out of ideas, you should watch the series and pay attention to the outfits, you can get a lot of new combinations, and also you will have a lot of fun and you'll be laughing for all the episode.

Getting back to good hair days, I try to make the best out them if I had the lucky to have them so I normally center the focus of everything on my hair and make-up, I am wearing today a wine blouse with a funky jacket and jeans, I kept it super simple, because I actually want to everyone to pay attention to my hair, I know, I'm a little bit of an attention seeker, but hey! this doesn't happen a lot, don't judge me haha.
I like to get inspire for my outfits and looks in everything around me, so that's why today I showed you two things, a book and tv series, what inspires you on the everyday life? 

Lots of love
- Florencia

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