Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Currently loving: Skull Accessories

I don't know if it's because of Alexander McQueen's clutches or because in mexico there's everywhere skulls anywhere but I am IN LOVE with skulls accessories and I've been obsessed in buying everything with a skull in the past few months and it's also because I love to have statement accessories since all my closet is full of basic and plain colors so it's awesome to make them pop.

Also skull accessories are so awesome because they almost fit everything and can make any look more edgy or rock glam, which I personally love.
Yo can incorporate as many as you want in you outfit but try to keep it in the same color scheme.
If you're the kind of girl that doesn't really like to wear accessories, I recommend buying a piece of clothing with a skull and you will achieve almost the same edgy look.

Have fun inconporating skulls in your outfit and if you do please post a picture here or send it to my twitter @flooreeenciiaa

Lots of love
- Florencia

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