Thursday, January 31, 2013

A good pair of jeans

When we talked about combining colors, we put denim in the neutral ones that can be use with everything but even a versatile piece like jeans that looks good with everything can not look good in everybody, I'm going to share with you a few tips to make the best out of your jeans.

1.- Avoid a low cut if you have a little bit of tummy cause it tend to create a very unflattering silhouette. Try a medium or high cut to hide the problematic area.
2.- Skinny jeans tend to take the attention to the hips, they look amazing paired with boots or high heels. If you are a little bit overweight try to avoid a super skinny jeans, try ones that have a little bit of volume.  
3.- Count the color of your jeans as the dark color of he outfit for a slimming effect 
4.- Create the illusion of curves with a pair of medium cut jeans that are boot-cut.use ones with bags on the back to help create more volume in the derriere. 
5.- To elongate your legs wear a pair of skinny dark jeans, stuck up blouse and a pair of heels 

If you don't wan to think to much keep the word straight in your mind since these are the kind of jeans that look amazing with any kind of figure. 
Use dark jeans for a formal occasion, and all the other colors for a more casual look. 
If you're a big fan of washed out jeans keep in mind that the lightest color do not put more volume but they do catch unconsciously  the attention, use this is your favor and not against you

Have fun shopping new jeans or making clever choices when using the ones you already have.  

Lots of love
- Florencia 

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