Monday, December 10, 2012

Wearing colors

Using different kind of colors could make any outfit look totally different and the chromatic circle can help you to choose what colors to wear with different styles.

Monochromatic: You can achieve this kind of style by using just one color of the chromatic circle, but in lighter or darker tones, to make it more alive use a touch of white or black to the combination.

Harmonic: An harmonic effect can be achieve with two or three colors of the chromatic circle that are near each other like yellow, golden and orange.

Complementary: In case you don't want your look to look unnoticed, use colors that are face eachother in the circle like green and red or blue and yellow.

The neutral tones look good with almost anything, try them on with every kind of colors. Avoid usng too much neutral tones in the same outfit unless you want a boring look.

*Please go check my set in polyvore about mixing colors.

Lots of love.
- Florencia

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