Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mixing patterns

Personally, mixing patterns is difficult for me, when I was younger I used to avoid them, but with time I've manage to know a few tricks.

Pattern with Color

You could never go wrong by mixing a pattern with one of the colors that the pattern already has, if you want a sweet and classy look go with the lightest color of the pattern and for a more bold look mix it up with the darkest color. Another colors that look good with any kind of pattern are the neutral tones that we saw in the last post, black, white and the blue of jeans.

Big with Small
When you want to mix two patterns look for the contrast in size. The big patterns look really good with smaller patterns.

Full with Simple
Another way of mixing to patterns is by contrasting designs. A flower pattern with a lot of curves and colors can look good with a simpler pattern.

I hope this was helpful for everyone of you, if you have a question please leave a comment below :)

*To see a beautiful set of mixed patterns go to my polyvore.

Lots of love
- Florencia

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