Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner, and I have the habit of always leaving for last the Christmas gifts, not because I don't know what to give them, but because I always have a hard time picking cool gifts that can say how much I love, and appreciate them.
At the same time I have a list of  gifts that are universal and safe, for those last minute gifts that we need.

For Her: This list of gifts could be for your sister, cousin, girlfriend or almost any kind of woman

1. A beauty set: This are always a good gift, especially if they come in a beautifu baske or box that can also use for other things once they put the products out.
2. A fragrance: If you don't now what fragrance she use, you can with the one that her favorite artist did, or one of th classics of Chanel, Lancome etc.
3. Her favorite series: It can be a whole season or the whole series, either way I think this gift is always awesome.
4. A book: A book is ALWAYS the perfect gift, it can be your favorite book, an special edition of her favorite book or one of the classics.

For Him: This list of gifts could be for your brother, boyfriend, cousin or almost any kind of man.
1. A personalized t-shirt: This could be with his favorite character of a game, movie, or series, or his favorite band, you can do it with fabric paint or fabric markers, or buy a personalized one.
2. His favorite fragrance: As the last one, you can go with the classics if you don't know wich one he uses.
3. A controller for his video game console
4. A pair of cool headphones.

I hope this list of gifts was useful for you and I hope you have lots of fun with Christmas shopping (I normally do)
Sorry for being offline for almost a week but I went crazy with Christmas gifts, I am still.

Lots of love
- Florencia

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