Monday, December 3, 2012

How did I get here?

When I was a little I was interested in what is called "girls stuff", I can't say I was the one who wanted a Nintendo or a pair of Hot Wheels because I didn't, maybe because I had 2 brothers that already have that stuff, no, I was into dolls, puppies, anything pink, tea sets and everything like that, also, like any other children I was not in clothes.
I remember one Christmas that I cried as hard as I could for like an hour or so because my aunt gave to me as a Christmas gift a pair of turtle neck blouses a green and a red one, I was 8 years old, they came the next day telling me that I could gave them back and choose one toy at the department store if I wanted to but my mom didn't let me do it she said that I should apologize and say thank you for the blouses and that they were useful for the winter so I needed them. Of course I hated those blouses for like a year or two, I never wore them until I was 10 and started to get a little sense of style ad started to love them, they were cozy and even thought they had weird colors I used under a lot of shirts and looked pretty...

Ever since I was 10 I like fashion and makeup but it wasn't until I was 13 (and lots of games and books of those subjects) that I got really into it and I became the official stylish and makeup artist of the drama club of middle school, that was awesome and made me spend a lot of cash in makeup (my mom's cash hehe)
Then I got into high school (that's is what I like to call "dead time") Now I'm a 20 year old women that has been thinking about picking those little girl dreams and bring them back to my life again so here I am.

Dresses? I love dresses, the main reason is because, sometimes, I'm lazy and it's super easy to just pick a dress and a pair of neutral shoes (black, white or nude) and be happy, I also love dresses because as I said before I love girly stuff, what is more girly than a dress? a pink dress maybe, with lots of glitter and a puppies pattern haha.
I am also Mexican and my favorite food of my lovely and beautiful country is chilaquiles <3

So this is going to be a space for me to share with you all my thoughts and ideas of trends and fashion and also a place to share my favorite recipes (because cooking is my other passion)

Lots of love.
- Florencia

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