about me.

"I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day."

Hello! My name is Florencia. I'm a 24 years old Mexican majoring in Sociology, I currently live in Guadalajara with my family, two cats, Senpai & Marie, and three dogs, Brusie, Nietzsche and Zack. I am a Three, a Libra and a Water Monkey. 

I love anything pink or violet, reading books like there's no tomorrow, baking, take pictures and high heels!

I enjoy my mornings training box around two hours from monday to friday, then I head home where I work as a freelance social media manager, creative writer and I also make time to create for my brand flor de jamaica and do my college homework. On the afternoon I attend to college and occasionally I go out with my friends at night.

I truly believe in searching for beauty in everything, the power of love and the magic of kindness. I get a little obsessive with things I really enjoy watching, reading, listening etc. You can see that in my Currently Loving column.

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